Sarah (left) holding the book, with Karen (right) the first person to buy a copy. Photo by Andy, thanks Andy.

Now that I have your attention!¬† ūüôā I’ve recently returned from the book launch at the 5th UK Dementia Congress in Bournemouth. It was a wonderful and inspiring event with impassioned speakers and an atmosphere of cooperation and support.¬†Next year’s congress is in Liverpool, I highly recommend it.¬† Keep an eye on this blog for further information.¬†

Hawker Publications ¬†launched two new books this year: my book ,’ Chocolate Rain’, and¬†‘Dementia and sexuality’ by¬† Elaine White.
Friends quipped that it was a tough choice to make- Sex or Chocolate!

Karen Borochowitz pictured above is the Executive director of Dementia SA  and was my first customer. Most people who heard about the book during the plenaries came to look at it and once they had it in their hands, seemed to want to take it with them. It was very heartening to see how the colour, design and illustrations invited people to look further and eventually take one home.
One delegate came up to me during the signing and said he’d gone back to the hotel tired after a day of lectures, and just wanted to take a glimpse inside it. It was an hour¬†before he looked up and realised he’d read about half the book.

As well the book going to South Africa, England, Scotland, and Ireland-  it was taken to Singapore by two charming women,Yan Ling and Helen, as an inspiration for their new Mental health education programme for carers of people with dementia. Good luck ladies!

Friends are ordering copies for libraries in the US and Australia. And heads of nursing homes and care services throughout the UK are ordering batches for their activity organisers.¬† Friends from the congress said, ‘everyone was talking about it’.

Waterstones has it listed, though we need to supply more material. And I wouldn’t recommend ordering from there if you are outside England, a friend in the US has had no end of delays in getting his copy- even after it was dispatched they said it would be another 21 days!¬†¬†Amazon UK has it, and the Central London Library was promising to order one. It can be ordered directly from Hawker Publications¬†as well.

So basically I am home, recuperating from the last push on the book. Next step is finding a Dutch publisher.