Spoonful feature

May 4, 2011


Balloon by Jesophi, Jewellery Designer

I’m thrilled that the shop is featured on the blog of a delightful little zine I ordered, called Spoonful, a happiness companion. Thanks Anthea! It is, as the title suggests, a bite sized helping of food for the soul.  There are hearty little snippets of literature, art, and musings on happiness, enhancing the everyday, creativity and more. 

I ordered it to include in my shop as part of the mission of bringing in inspiration from all over the world into this tiny little village where I live. There are just so many wonderful things happening on a grass roots level in the area of creativity and community building that people here would never get exposed to without a guide. So I guess that is what part of the function of this shop is.  Anyway, Spoonful is reasonably priced and beautifully presented, with a nice layout and colour artwork. I’m enjoying, after having read my 3 issues, dipping in and following some of the links, to say, Denise Sharp a creator of whimsical works in paper and calligraphy. Have FUN!

Click for Jesophi Jewellery designer’s Etsy shop

3 Responses to “Spoonful feature”

  1. theaxx Says:

    Uh sarah, it was my absolute pleasure!
    Your shop is one of those spaces the everyone cannot help but fall in love with, it was a great honour that you have Spoonful inside and I am completely chuffed & thrilled you approve 🙂

    Have a beautiful beautiful day!


  2. Amanda Says:

    Really great to have found you site and blog, very inspiring, magazine sounds great. I am also an artist working in the health setting and a carer to a mother who has dementia. I was most pleased to see your book ‘Chocolate Rain’ as I had been working on producing resources for carers involving creativity. Would love to see your shop/studio, have you produced any videos giving a tour. Looking forward to seeing more of your work. Amanda

    Amanda – Realityarts-Creativity
    Art Blog

    I also run a NHS Arts in Health Network would be great to feature your book on here:

    • szoutewelle Says:

      thanks Amanda, I’ve replied to you via mail, but want to say here that your work looks very inspiring. And I wish you all the best with your mother.

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