James Krenov craft wisdom, 3: The quiet object in unquiet times

May 18, 2011

Continuing quotes on the craft life from ‘A Cabinet Maker’s Notebook’:

There is a true need to create in a climate in which (fine work) can be done and appreciated.

Maybe this atmosphere of understanding will come…But until it does come, work. Even when you are worried, work. Don’t be pressured by originality..(the pressure of always having to create something new). It’s a losing battle. And so exhausting. Stay out of it.

It took me a long time to realize this and accept my unoriginal self. [Sarah’s note – he is too humble here, his works are beautiful and original]. Try to find the sort of people for whom there is another originality – that of the quiet object in unquiet times. It is rather ironic…We’re so uptight that relaxation is something new, especially with regard to things. So a piece in low key, where wood has its message and there is an idea and an inspiration, where someone has worked honestly and well but with humility too –  this is original.

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