Creative inspiration

June 5, 2011

Maize's frayed flower

Surfing around recently, I discovered two creative blogs I really liked. The first one is Maize Hutton’s . The image above is from is a great tutorial for a shabby chic flower which I’ve had fun making too.

What I especially like about her blog is her enjoyment of crafts and her generous heart in sharing them.

The other blog is Kirsty Macafee’s . I like the idea of a ‘Sometimes shop’ and I also appreciate the way she opens up to other crafters with her group,  our creative spaces.

Both of these women have an attitude toward selling that appeals to me. They make stuff because they love to and sometimes they feel like making more and it is available for people to buy, and sometimes they don’t so it isn’t!  So refreshing.

Check out this nice interview with Kirsty.

2 Responses to “Creative inspiration”

  1. I love the spirit of your posts ;
    so wonderful and connected yet asking real questions and not shirking the reality of the economy or the market place yet somehow transformng it …Bravo

    I am into bricks and mortar (historic) but my 11 yr old Mary ;loves crafts ….we live on a farm so every inspiration we get way out here is a plus
    Thanks Michael

    • szoutewelle Says:

      Thanks Michael.
      11 is such a great age. I remember being given my first box of pastels around then and the gasp of wonder at seeing all those colors at once. And having the permission to use them all!
      When teaching years later, I presented my 2 private students with an equally astounding array of pastels and they didn’t even blink. They were just over the border between 11 -the age of wonder and 12-onward, the age of blasé. I felt bad for them actually, they had grown up having everything and no longer could be awed.
      If you want more craft sites for inspiration for Mary, let me know, I have a bunch.
      cheers, Sarah

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