Needle felted landscape

June 15, 2011

A soon-to-be brooch

The little trees are needle felted. The background is a rectangle of hand-dyed and felted wool I bought.

This was satisfying to do because even though I’m not painting or drawing at the moment, on my daily walks, my eye keeps registering the colors and textures of summer happening all around me. I’ve been wanting a way to express all this beauty visually- especially the sage green waves of grain and our wonderful lollipop willows that are so characteristic of this northern Dutch landscape.

Add blackbird song at dusk, and a cloud of warm, flower scented air with new mown grass thrown in and the picture is complete.

I’m getting ready for an art/culture fair as part of a 10 day Art and garden festival here in Groningen and surroundings.

4 Responses to “Needle felted landscape”

  1. Annet Says:

    LOVE it, as well as the story about why you made it & look forward to seeing them all in real!

    • szoutewelle Says:

      thank you Annet. I wanted to make another green based one as well, like the one I made you.’ Little trees ‘captures the same feeling but more decorative than figurative. Looking forward to our visit.

  2. theaxx Says:

    Oh sarah! I just looooooove this! It’s completely gorgeous and a piece of beauty!

    Loved your update on the spoonful blog too. I’m glad to hear you’re not giving up…. these little creative projects take time, so don’t lose hope… the word has to get out there to get people to come and visit and it takes a while, ESPECIALLY in your circumstances. I think a few years would be the waiting period… do you know of the paper parlour in london??? they run all sorts of crafty things… you may be inspired?

    Big hugs.

    • szoutewelle Says:

      Thanks Thea. They are so satisfying to make. On the back I’ve included a little surprise as well. Re my projects, I’ll hang on for however long it takes. And I’ll check out the paper parlour. love to you and your endeavours. S

      ps checked out the papered parlour in london. Awesome and yes I’m totally inspired.

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