Quirky, imaginative, cuddly creatures

June 27, 2011

Front view of my new 'Kamoekel'

Marcel de Jong graduated from art academy in fine arts and printmaking. After working as an artist for a time, he eventually found his way into sewing new soft toys from recycled ones. And in the process creating entirely new animals. My little flying bear’s wings are actually the ears of a larger teddy bear.

The evidence of his fine art training and devotion to craftsmanship is visible in all his ‘kamoekels’ (pronounced ka- moo’- kle). I wish you could pick them up and feel how soft and cuddly they are;  we sat across from one another at an art fair this past week-end, and people really responded to them and bought quite a few. I think he is going to be a hit when he gets ‘discovered’.

I’d check out Marcel’s site (it is in Dutch, but you can easily find his contact info and write him in English), and get some early Christmas or birthday gifts before there is a run on them. His prices are very reasonable and the quality is high.  Concerning the recycled factor, I was a bit worried about whether they would carry any musty odors from their former lives,  but they have been all washed and disinfected thoroughly and smell sweet and clean.

Important because once you have one, you’ll want to bury your face in it and hug it to bits.

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