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July 1, 2011

I’ve been making a lot of wearable art in the last months, some of it is in my brick shop, some in a local gallery, the rest I have here.

When thinking how to get it out there to more people (what is the fun in keeping it all here?),  I considered opening an Etsy shop; but at last count there were 400,000 little webshops all selling handmade work. So I decided, for now,  to pass, on the huge amount of profiling and networking needed to get noticed there, and focus on a smaller venue.

By posting here I don’t have to limit my  profile to a specific medium. At the moment I’m in the middle of a ‘craft attack’, so my media are fabric, felt, beads and threads. But when that has spent itself, the next wave of creativity might express in a series of oil pastel drawings.

There are several thousand visitors here, so there may be some among you who would enjoy having something handmade by me.
Though I have no name for my shop, I think of it as ‘The Quiet Object’ (from the Krenov article about craft that I posted awhile ago). Neither  myself nor the things I make shout for attention. We put out our truth quietly for those who are open to our ideas and we hope to connect. Krenov speaks of ‘the quiet object in unquiet times’ as being the only really ‘original’ work worth striving for.

So, from time to time I’ll be posting one of my latest pieces on the page ‘New Work and shop’. It close to the top of the list to the right. The first brooch ( you could also remove the pinback and frame the mandala-like design as art) is up now and I love the royal colors and the little wreath of embroidered flowers in the second ring in from the outside.

Readers of this blog will get first pick of new work before it goes into the shop.

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