What you appreciate appreciates part 3

July 4, 2011

Continuing on with excerpts from Lynne Twist’s, ‘The Soul of Money’: How to counteract the downward spiral of , ‘not enough’ when it comes to money.

If your attention is on the capacity you have to sustain yourself and your family, and contribute in a meaningful way to the well-being of others, then your experience of what you have is nourished and it grows. Even in adversity, if you can appreciate your capacity to meet it, learn, and grow from it, then you create value where no one would have imagined it possible.

In the light of your appreciation, your experience of prosperity grows.

We can use our appreciation- our conscious attention and intention- to develop some mastery in the area of money and transform our relationship with money into an open space for growth and freedom. That’s  the truth, I learned it first from people we would call poor. I learned it in places around the world where there is almost no water and no food, and no explanaiton for the fact that people survive at all.

That’s the last excerpt for now. In the book Twist goes on to tell the remarkable story of how one man in a poor village in Bangladesh used his inspiration and ingenuity to change the lives of thousands of in his village and surroundings for the better.

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