Kate’s place: richly woven, knitted and crocheted

August 27, 2011

Kate's woollen lair

Continuing on the theme of inspiration from my recent trip to London and Edinburgh, I stayed overnight at Kate’s. We went to the large craft fair that was part of the Edinburgh Fringe festival  and saw among others, Lesley’s work. And we went to Remade as inspiration for my shop.
Sleeping in Kate’s living room art studio let me completely soak up the colours and inspiration of her many and beautiful handmade cushions, blankets, multicoloured socks, samples and afghans.
I’ve met Kate through the dementia field, she works closely with John Killick on creative projects for people with dementia. She is a psychologist and writer and textile artist.

Entering her living room in Edinburgh is like coming into an Aladdin’s cave of treasure. Everywhere are textile projects in process. The walls are painted in rich colours and her knitted, crocheted, and woven blankets glow with the colour of the moors: sky blues and slates, moss greens, lichen rusts and ochres, heather purples and pinks. Most of these are also my colours, I realize, but the way she combines them gives me a new slant. There is less ‘air’ between her combinations, making a dense impression of tapestry or richly clad yurts, far away in some African desert.

Thanks Kate!

One Response to “Kate’s place: richly woven, knitted and crocheted”

  1. love the photographs!

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