Thanks from ArtCalling

January 1, 2012


I like practical, connected, and meaningful art. I am excited and inspired by the arts in healing and community art.  For the last years I’ve been committed to finding alternative paths for myself and other artists so that we have choices outside the traditional ways of exhibiting and exploiting art. I have done a lot of thinking about right livelihood in relation to art, so will be airing some of those ideas here.
Over the years my thinking has been inspired by other artists, writers and friends, and I look forward to sharing some of those sources.

Dear friends, with the above words in march 2007, I started this blog.
Looking through the past 5 years’ posts I’ve stuck pretty much to the original intent.  The main themes have stayed roughly the same.

Through airing ideas here and the dialogue that has followed, ideas have developed and gained clarity. Especially those concerning new ways to think about art and; the challenges of art and market.

I’ve shared my oil pastels, older oil paintings, and new craft work. Have shared my dreams and goals, my ups and downs, and generally let a little slice of my life show here.

I want to thank all of you who have been popping in here from time to time and especially those who’ve taken the time to comment. My life has been enriched by your thoughtful remarks and the contact with like minded-souls as well as those with other views.

Alpha, Michael monocle, Thea, Rachel and Phil have been the most active commentors.  Thanks so much folks.

13,037 people visited in 2011. Most of you are from the states, with the UK and Holland close behind.

The top referring sites in 2011 were:

Thank you.

4 Responses to “Thanks from ArtCalling”

  1. Michael Davidson "Mon " aka Monocle Says:

    The key of knowledge (and liberation ) lays in finding yourself ; Homer said the same thing in his oft repeated labyrinth to “Know thy self ”
    Little did we know all the hard work self discovery would take . Art is a meatphor for self discovery ‘Like your blog here it is the vechicle that expresses sometimes what words cannot .
    Self transformation comes hard ; there are so many
    issues and blocks from childhood and challanges to work through
    Art has the ability to free us from those blocks;
    it becomes a metmorphis for truth and possability
    to see, feel ,and experience ourselves out side of the box ; …and how cool is that ///Mon

  2. decorartuk Says:

    Happy New Year! Let it be full of novel ideas, inspiration and enough time for drawing, painting, making prints… trying out new techniques.

    P.S. You should be very proud of yourself – 5 years is a long period – I hope I can stay that focused.

    • szoutewelle Says:

      Hi ladies, Kristina or Jovita? thank for your kind wishes. I think the combination of inspiration and time is the key here. Too often I have the time and not the inspiration, or the inspiration and not the time! 😦

      Thanks for the acknowledgement, 5 years is a good run so far. I think you will stay focused. I think that is secondary, though, the first condition is finding something to commit to that you care about. Of course that could be called focus as well, I guess. Keeping a blog was never a means to an end for me. I love writing and sharing ideas, it is just something that I do for enjoyment. So keeping on doing it is a natural outlet for me.

      I am looking forward to reading your recent post for 2012 about keeping creative. I scanned it and I am sure it will support me in staying with developing my oil painting. Thanks.

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