New oil paintings, ‘sandi’s bottles series’

January 9, 2012

Here's one on the easel

I’ve been working on some oil paintings. I start with a thin acrylic underpainting and my intention has been to try to keep the scratchy spontaneity of the underpainting as I work in thin layers of oils over it.

Jars and bottles recur as a theme in my work, but one particular inspiration has been a fellow awgrad member’s photo’s of her bottle collection. She took some especially for my reference (see easel above). So this series is called ‘sandi’s bottles’.

Below is the first one done.

sandi's bottles 1

Here is the underpainting for the second in the series:

Acrylic underpainting

And here is the almost finished painting I did over it:

Sandi's bottles 2

I was less satisfied with this one as far as keeping the nonchalant quality of the underpainting. It is getting a bit too concerned with copying the photos, and I wanted to avoid that.

One place it does succeed for me, though, is the lovely warm highlights against the cool glass.

2 Responses to “New oil paintings, ‘sandi’s bottles series’”

  1. decorartuk Says:

    These are very good – I love the colours and the texture you’ve managed to achieve.

    To tell the truth, I do a bit of painting (it’s just a hobby). I use acrylics, but oil somehow seems more sophisticated, so I guess I will have to use your idea of starting with an underpainting. I find oild hard to work with – maybe I’m just impatient and don’t want to wait till it dries?

    Anyway, back to Sandi’s bottles – I love the theme, it’s not an easy one, as painting glass is always a challenge.

    • szoutewelle Says:

      I’d stay with what feels comfortable to you, It has taken me years of false starts to make friends with oils. I did it because my favorite painters worked in oils and also because ultimately I couldn’t get the colors I wanted with acrylic.

      My main medium before that was oil pastels (see the images on the home page of my site http://www.artwell.nl ) so oils has been a natural step over from those.

      Thanks for your appreciation of these paintings, they have been very satisfying to do. I’m starting a new one soon.

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