New painting or underpainting?

January 11, 2012

Underpainting in acrylic glazes

Looking at the feedback for my new oil painting series, friends have been consistent in liking the underpaintings best. And a recent comment here concerning acrylics and oils made me think again. The only reason I’ve been working in oils over these paintings is because that is what I set out to do. But I notice that these underpaintings have opened a new way of working with acrylics for me. And actually I like adding transparent glazes layer by layer without covering up the scratchy, irregular first layer. This one has two layers so far. I’m going to continue in acrylics for awhile and see what happens.

thanks folks.

3 Responses to “New painting or underpainting?”

  1. PictureS Says:

    Great colour effect.

  2. decorartuk Says:

    I love these colours even more – this painting looks as if it has been done in pastel! It’s very warm and I can see the sun “playing” wtih the glass bottles.

    Let us into a secret – do you use brushes or palette knives?

    • szoutewelle Says:

      Hi decorart ladies, thanks, it is so weird exposing these works while in progress, because I like the colours too, but it is likely that very few of them will remain after I’ve finished the painting. And these quick studies just don’t count as finished paintings for me, though I appreciate other people liking them as they are.

      I just wrote you a summary of my working methods, but it is so long I’ll post it instead of putting in the comments where maybe not as many people will be able to access it. Thanks for asking, cheers, Sarah

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