Sandi’s bottle series #4

February 12, 2012

This is the latest in the ‘sandi’s bottles’series. I hadn’t intended to get so realistic, but it has been helpful in learning the technique. I love working with the rich oils as opposed to the plasticky acrylics. But that’s personal.
Cleanup is a real pain though.

Working larger is enjoyable, this is 40x 50 cm (about 16 x 20 inches).

11 Responses to “Sandi’s bottle series #4”

  1. decorartuk Says:

    It’s very different to the first one, but I like it too – very realistic, a bit brighter and sharper. I love the way you’ve even left the writing on the bottle.

    • szoutewelle Says:

      Thanks. I was wondering whether to include it (the writing). And since it was a challenge, I decided to try it. I love the transparency. Where I’d like to go next is suggesting the same with coarser, and more spontaneous brushstrokes, rather than blending them so much. But I think that kind of painting only comes with experience in the medium.

      Also, I’m missing my more whimsical side (where you can work without it having to be ‘right’). See https://artcalling.wordpress.com/2009/02/07/domestics/

      Recently I stumbled on an artist who does similar things to my oil pastel collages and I liked alot of his work. He uses acrylics, oil bars and collage. I like his still lifes and ‘harvest paintings’ a lot. http://robertrothpaintings.blogspot.com/2011/11/recent-stillifes.html

      • decorartuk Says:

        I’m impressed! Your “domestics” are so much different to what you’re doing now – I wouldn’t be able to say which I like more though… Well, I liked the bright colours and the layout of your previous artwork, I think that’s closer to my style as I’m still going through my “fruit period” and nearly every painting has to have a lemon 🙂

      • szoutewelle Says:

        Oh yes, lemons. I know- to die for! That beautiful lit-up saturated yellow. Preferably set off against a deep green avocado and some heavily purple black plums. Where can I see some of your ‘lemons’?;-)

  2. decorartuk Says:

    Oh, I will have to take some photos and send you the images via e-mail.

    P.S. The way you describe avocado and plums… as if reading my thoughts!

  3. sandi (AWGrad) Says:

    ha! I have to reply to this thread! First of all, I can not believe Sarah called her work/play about these bottles “sandi’s” bottles. I knew she used the photo I took of “my” bottles and picture – no big deal – but now to see I am internet immortalized is so cool. hahaha… I actually can say I collaboratorated since teachers alwaays claimed I needed to 😉
    then, when I came here, to look at what she’s done on the harpsichord, I find my name and bottles here the last few days.
    I decide to say thank you to her for including me in her work, go further, and, find this comment from another painter is the best I have read between painters in a very long time. thank you! lemons… man, when I was in painting school here (Upstate NY, USA) a million years ago, it was apples – if you only KNEW how many apples I painted that were lemons! now you make me want to paint again…

    • decorartuk Says:

      Hi, Sandi, I think you should join in – grab your brushes and ask some lemons to lie still for you 🙂

      P.S. You have lots of cool bottles!

    • szoutewelle Says:

      sandi, ha! ha! You’re a celebrity. 13000 people came here last year! So you are getting some star exposure. (Well in my own humble way. I saw a blog recently that had been up for a few months that had 100,000 followers, but she was blond and sexy. I guess she wrote interesting things too).

      Well, we still do apples in my drawing course. Yes, I know about apples being lemons. I’ve produced my share of ‘lemons’.

      I can’t think of a better thing for a painting to do, than inspire someone else to paint. Of course a painting could also help someone remember their own greatness, connect them with beauty. Help them out of despair. Art does that too.

      I love that original photo of yours of the bottles on the card. It is just great.
      If you send me a jpeg I’ll post it here.

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