Painting 2 in my bottle collection series

April 18, 2012

my bottle collection 2

The composition is a crop of the first painting in this series.

It was three quarters done before I took the loosening up workshop mentioned in the last post, and is quite smoothly painted,  so I completed it in the same style. Actually, even though I felt I was working looser than number 1 in the series, it looks a lot tighter.

At the last minute I added the metal ring on bottle 2 from the left. That saucy little horizontal line makes it for me. It pulls attention away from the high contrast bit on the left flank of the blue bottle and balances the composition.

I washed my brushes this morning, it is turning into a favorite pastime instead of a dreaded chore. Sun coming in through the kitchen window, morning blackbird song.  And no solvent soaked newspapers or odor, thanks to j.harms who commented on this post.

5 Responses to “Painting 2 in my bottle collection series”

  1. StNeisha Says:

    Wow. This is such a nice painting. It took me a sec to realize that it actually was in fact a painting and not a photograph!

  2. decorartuk Says:

    At the first glance I thought it was a photograph and not a painting! I’m not sure if you will take it as a compliment, but it certainly is very realistic.

    P.S. The little ring on the “white” bottle works really well.

    • szoutewelle Says:

      Yes, someone else said the same. I wasn’t really aiming for that kind of photorealism, but if that’s the way it turned out, then ok. I’m fairly happy with it, it is clean and the reflecitons are really glassy.

      Oh yes, the little ring, thanks, I was just so happy with that!

  3. I think that there’s just enough brush in it so you know it’s not a photograph, though the bottles are superb! I think that adding the band was a good idea. It mimics the line behind the bottles and helps add a small visual balance. Beautiful!

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