Journey in paint

May 2, 2012

First stage, roughly indicating the colors

Almost there

A good stopping point

I’m fairly pleased with this result. One can go on endlessly refining, but for me it is a discipline to stop before that point.
It is acrylic, by the way, I wanted to work fast adding layers while the other oil painting I started was drying.

I like the looser brush strokes and thicker application of paint.  I’m pushing myself out of the familiar territory of just rendering because I love how some of the painters capture objects in a few thick strokes. When seen up close, they look purely abstract, and when you step back, wow- an onion (lemon, face, hand, etc).

What I worked on, among other things, between stage 2 (middle photo) and stage 3(above),  were the bottoms of the bulb shaped bottle on the left and the squarish one on the right.  I really liked the thick, painterly strokes on the right one.

When a painting is at a stage where it looks good, it is always a risk to continue developing it and risk ruining what you have. This is a constant decision process in painting, you’ve put down a spontaneous series of strokes you like, but when you change something in another area of the painting they no longer work. It is difficult to bring yourself to paint over these.

In this case, I decided to change the rest of the painting to accommodate the spontaneous strokes. 🙂

I’m now working on the oil painting I started a while back and let dry so I could work on it further. This one is getting exciting, new stuff happening, looking forward to showing new developments in the next few days.

3 Responses to “Journey in paint”

  1. I really like that bottle on the right. Looking good.

    • szoutewelle Says:

      thanks sonia. I had a moment in the studio yesterday, ‘I can’t believe I”m allowed to do this’. It isn’t income producing that I can see, not for awhile anyway. And I am so used to being in harness doing commissions for others on deadlines, that to devote myself to this full time feels, well, almost sinful!! Weird.

      My free lance life has always been like this. Periods of intense work like on the harpsichord, then landing in a hole for awhile when that structure falls away. Then slowly rediscovering my own natural rhythm, getting completely immersed in my own work, then getting torn out of it again when another income producing or enticing commission demands me to drop my own work for weeks or months.

      Writing this, I think I probably need both! But if I were independently wealthy, I know what I would choose!

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