Dirty painting

May 21, 2012

This morning, to experiment with applying paint thicker, and to jolt myself out of the perfectionistic path I was travelling, I decided to copy a Morandi. The composition is straightforward as is the matter of fact application of paint.
(There is nothing wrong with my previous series, I’m satisfied with it, but I miss the playfulness and abundant colour from my other oil pastel and mixed media work).

I mentioned in a previous post that the, ‘De Ploeg” paintings I’d seen at the Groninger Museum looked quite ‘dirty’, not in the smutty sense, :-)but literally full of bits of dirt and sand, and who knows – studio floor sweepings!?  And I loved the texture it added.

So when scraping off the remains of old paint from my palette, I decided to mix those in with the paint I’d use for the Morandi copy.

old oil paint shavings

I gave myself about an hour and used thick paint and large brushes, and I didn’t allow myself to correct and smooth. There are ‘mistakes’ but I loved working this way.

Copying Morandi’s composition and subject

And here is a close-up of the painting surface with all the bits of old paint mixed in.

Detail of surface of painting

3 Responses to “Dirty painting”

  1. decorartuk Says:

    Great colours!

    Did you leave the shavings as they appear in your photo or did you chop them up into smaller bits before applying onto your canvas? I like the result, it does make you feel that this paiting came from a not very neat artist’s studio.

    • szoutewelle Says:

      They just crumbled when I dipped the brush into them and scrooched them around in the wet paint for awhile. Oh, I also did more mixing on the canvas than on the palette for this painting. (You won’t find the term ‘scrooching’ in any painting manual, I made it up on the spot for this particular technique!)

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