Fox terrier tales

June 28, 2012

Warning, high cuteness factor.

Some mysterious animal has been raiding our strawberries.

Bigger than a slug for sure, (and smart enough to find the ones under the netting and chomp them right through it). Check her out caught in the act.

Notice her going straight for the ripe red one

She also helps with the gardening, so I guess she thinks it is a fair trade off.

She had an early affinity with gardening as you can see from this photo from 5 years ago, of both of us looking younger.

Lucie helping

Recently she has been finding me very thick. Through clear signals she lets me know what we need to do next, and for some reason according to her, I just don’t seem to get it!

I’ll just put it in here where she can see it

So, come on it is gardening time! Lucie style.

Boy is she ever dumb, maybe she’ll get it now.

And finally, because she is so beautiful and such a wonderful companion, and we love her so much, here is a portrait Rende made of her during one of their favorite walks in an old apple orchard.

Lucida Bright

For a much cuter post than this one about dog love, go over and see Dottie Angel as she tries to quit photographing her beautiful little dog – cold turkey!

5 Responses to “Fox terrier tales”

  1. Annie Says:

    What a heart-warming story! With photos to match!
    Thank you so much for sharing!
    Love, Annie

  2. szoutewelle Says:

    hey annie, thanks for stopping by and for your comment.

  3. decorartuk Says:

    Lucida Bright is absolutely amazing! You said it was “high cuteness factor”, I think I’d say it’s the HIGHEST! If I was there I’d pick her up and give her a big kiss somewhere on that loooong nose and would be jealous of these soft ears (yes, I am that mad).

    I love the photos: you girls look great in the one that was taken 5 years ago. Sarah, you look so happy and I know why – dogs can bring so much joy, I can’t understand people who don’t want to own one. And that portrait by Rende is brilliant – it reveals Lucida’s personality; I bet she is an agile bundle of joy?

    Well, girls, enjoy your summer together and don’t eat too many strawberries 🙂

    K. xxx

    • szoutewelle Says:

      Wow (all 4 of) our ears are burning after that amazing tribute to Lucida. She’d love your big kiss, and would give you one right back again. And those ears really are silky soft, don’t get me started.

      Yes she brings so much joy, every morning, no matter what, it’s- ‘hey wow, wag wag, it’s Daytime, let’s go’, and the unstinting, limitless love is mind blowing- and healing.

      If you go here https://artcalling.wordpress.com/category/fox-tales/ and scroll down, you can see an early portrait Rende made of her which I love. Thanks K, ) Sarah

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