Lucie in penbrush

August 18, 2012

Hot day

Lucie keeps me company up in the studio while I’m working. It is under the roof, and hot on days like today.

Recently I’ve been breaking my brain on an article I need to write, so in between drafts it is a relief to grab my fountain brush and sketch Lucie.
My oil painting has ground to a halt, and I’m generally not very productive right now, so it is a relief to see there’s at least something being produced around here!

Above, relaxed, and below one of Lucie’s’ difficult positions’

When Lucie has her head stretched out like the 2 sketches on the bottom of the page, she is expressing some sort of discontent. It is not a relaxed position like the one above it. Either she thinks I’m spending too much time on the stupid article instead of playing with her (she’s right). Or she wants to be somewhere else but is too polite to leave.

This is similar to when I want to take an afternoon nap and cuddle up with her on the studio bed. If she is not in the mood, she will grudgingly come up on the bed and extend her head in a similar way, with her chin pointedly grinding into my leg, something like the position below. This is a very clear message that she is not at all happy about keeping me company, but for me, she’ll stay – as long as I know it is against her (very  strong) will. Every muscle is tense and the minute I get up, she jumps like a shot and skids down the stairs to find her throwing ring to play.

How she breathes like this I haven’t a clue

14 Responses to “Lucie in penbrush”

  1. marksackler Says:


  2. A true testament to Lucie! She lives to be near you! What wonderful sketches to accompany your story.

    • szoutewelle Says:

      Thanks Annie. She is a great companion. When she’s not with me she is with Rende when he works with the shop door open in warm weather. Or at her favorite post at the window guarding the house.

  3. Love the love in your sketches

  4. decorartuk Says:

    Little Lucie is extremly cute! I can now imagine how the sleeping possitions change thtoughout the day, when the boring studio starts to annoy and the urge to play with the doggy ring becomes almost unbearable…

    The sketches are lovely. I think Lucie would like them a lot. K.

    • szoutewelle Says:

      Thanks K. The urge to play with the doggie ring is always ‘almost unbearable’. I play with her on her walk first thing in the morning, Rende takes her for a long ride running next to the bike in the afternoon- as soon as she comes panting back from that, she makes for the ring, like, ‘That was a nice warm up, now for the real stuff’.

  5. Janet Brostoff Beerman Says:

    Is Lucie jack russell terrier or at least part jack russell? So glad I came across your blog(lots of good going on in your life….love to hear from you…. Jani

  6. fstopfun Says:

    Perfect way to capture a friend : )

  7. Ruca Says:

    I love the seemingly effortless quality to these sketches! What a compelling subject you have in Lucie. She sounds like a rich character. Glad to have found your blog. Now I’m off to poke around here some more.

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