yellow coffee pot oil on board

These two paintings were done recently, after a realistic series, to regain some of the freshness of my work in other media. I also kept as much of the scratchiness of the acrylic underpainting as  I could.

orange in blue bowl, oil on board

Right now I’m working on another painting of the lilies, it is much juicier and is moving in the general direction I want to go. It is quite rough when you look up close, but holds very well as a realistic painting from further away. And there is more attention paid to the paint surface rather than just trying to get the objects right.

After a long period of working quietly on my own projects,  my professional life is becoming active again. Here’s what’s up, and some of them will merit  a separate post later on:

  1. My book, Chocolate Rain will be published in German!
  2. I’m also in negotiation with a Dutch publisher about the Dutch language rights, and if it works out with them, the book will be out in Dutch as well. If not with the present one,  I really feel it is only a matter of time before some publisher here picks it up.
  3. John Killick’s wonderful new book is out, Playfulness and Dementia, a Practice Guide, Jessica Kingsley Publishers.
    I’ll be reviewing it here before too long.I have a chapter in it.
  4. I’ve been invited to take part in a symposium on art and dementia in Newcastle UK in November as one of 11 practising professionals in the field. This is sponsored by several organisations including National Association of Writers in Education, and  ArtWorks, a 3 year project on participatory arts in Britain.
  5. When I’m in England for the conference, I’ll be speaking to Susanne Burns,  the project director of ArtWorks, exploring ways I can work with participatory arts  here in Holland.
  6. Once in a blue moon I accept a straight up calligraphy commission, this is a diploma for my friend Brother Hugo who will be taking his vows as an officially certified religious recluse in the Roman Catholic church.
  7. In the works- restoration of a 100 year old sundial in a heritage garden here locally. Another lettering job in collaboration with colleague, painter Ties de Vries.

Meanwhile  I have a nice full group of oil pastel and drawing students here at home once a week.
One unfulfilled wish of mine is a course space here, but for now the dining room and part of the living room will have to do.

Lilies in oils

October 1, 2012

I started working small again (±8″x 8″) to get back into my painting.  I hit a wall when I realized that my glass paintings were getting more and more realistic, whereas I wanted to loosen up and use my imagination more.

On this one, I applied the paint quite thinly, trying to keep the sketchy feeling of the acrylic underpainting.

Lilies  Oil on panel

The next one is a combination of photos and memory of an interior.

Lily interior Oil on panel

And the most recent, below, is using the lilies as a starting point to explore the paint surface and colors more. I used some oil bars- see saturated color strokes bottom left which perked up the whole design.

Lilies in sunlight Oil on panel

Oh, and here was the photo, taken by Rende at my parents-in-law’s house. Mam always has fresh cut flowers everywhere,and has one of the most welcoming homes I know. (Notice I decided to delete the radiator!)

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