Lilies in oils

October 1, 2012

I started working small again (±8″x 8″) to get back into my painting.  I hit a wall when I realized that my glass paintings were getting more and more realistic, whereas I wanted to loosen up and use my imagination more.

On this one, I applied the paint quite thinly, trying to keep the sketchy feeling of the acrylic underpainting.

Lilies  Oil on panel

The next one is a combination of photos and memory of an interior.

Lily interior Oil on panel

And the most recent, below, is using the lilies as a starting point to explore the paint surface and colors more. I used some oil bars- see saturated color strokes bottom left which perked up the whole design.

Lilies in sunlight Oil on panel

Oh, and here was the photo, taken by Rende at my parents-in-law’s house. Mam always has fresh cut flowers everywhere,and has one of the most welcoming homes I know. (Notice I decided to delete the radiator!)

Photo resource

8 Responses to “Lilies in oils”

  1. decorartuk Says:

    Hi, Sarah. I love all three of these paintings, but the one that captured my attention the most is the second one. I know some might think that it’s a bit childish, yet I love that portrayal of an interior. If you hadn’t mentioned that it’s oil, I would have said it is pastels. It’s so soft and delicate, also full of light. You wanted to loosen up and you did!

    • szoutewelle Says:

      Thanks k. I like that one too. I didn’t try in any way to get things ‘right’ in the interior as far as perspsective goes. My inspiration at the moment is Susan Bower. I think you might lke her paintings as well. I’d like to get up close and see how she handles her paint. But it is her fun, naive compositions which really speak to me. Check them out and tell me what you think, just Google her in Images (?)( our computer speaks Dutch, so I don’t know the English word used on Google for ‘pictures’)

      • decorartuk Says:

        Hi, Sarah. You were right – I do like Susan Bower’s paintings. I wish I would feel brave enough to try out paiting interior scenes and people. I think I lack imagination (always need to have my subject infront of my nose). Her paintings look so simple and childlike, yet you can see that she can paint, it’s just her artistic self expressing our surroundings that way. Love “An addition to the Family” just here: http://www.fossegallery.com/artistsdetails.php?name=Susan%20Bower Also wanted to ask if you’ve heard of Emma Dunbar? Her paintings could be also called naive, yet I’m simply in love with her compositions, subjects and colours: http://www.emmadunbar.co.uk/ed_paintings.htm

      • szoutewelle Says:

        HI K, I also shy away from tackling interior scenes and people. I also need to have some kind of reference for the subject, except in my oil pastel drawings. Somehow I have more access to my playfulness when handling paper and a box of crayon-like things, rather than being confronted with ‘Canvas and Paints, yikes’. Maybe it also has to do with the higher cost of painting materials, I’m less likely to waste a canvas board than a piece of charcoal paper. Well, one can always paint over the canvas board again.
        I like Emma Dunbar as well, thanks for the link.

        I’d like to see Susan Bower’s artistic evolution sometime. Most of my favourite painters have gone through years of rather messy development before they hit on their own style. The paintings from those years are usually varying in style and not that interesting. Then all the years of simply painting the next painting seem to pay off- and a way of seeing, a certain unique take on the subject, a feel for colour and composition all come together. It must feel wonderful!!
        That’s what I keep telling myself as I muddle through those developmental years with my paintings. Just do the next painting.

  2. Patricia G Says:

    Terrific colours! These are great and so effective for such a small size. I like the first, it appears less worked and just gives suggestion about the room.

    • szoutewelle Says:

      thanks Patricia. I like the spontaneity and a bit rough quality of the first one too. My goal in the third one was to try to keep that immediacy but get more into the creamy, thick paint. I’m finding it a challenge to do that without letting it get too refined.

  3. Your 3rd photo of the lilies has that “wow” factor!

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