Still life talking

December 31, 2012

The set up

The set up

(The title of this post’s reference to Pat Metheny incidental, though I love his music and that album)

Excitement in starting  a new painting. I did the acrylic under-painting and sketch yesterday, and couldn’t wait to get in the studio to start painting this morning.

I have paid a lot of attention to composition on this one, having learned much from the masters in recent exhibitions I’ve been to. The blue bottle, tangerine and lemon will form a triangle of attention, and the still life itself is set up in a traditional triangle composition- a wide base tapering up at the top.

When I started squeezing out the paints and smelled that wonderful warm scent of linseed oil, I felt as always, a big deep sigh, a letting go, a feeling of safety and homecoming, as if this is all I was ever meant to do. It seems so strange to me that this had to wait until my 60s.  Of course, with me it could all change again. But I hope it doesn’t. There seems to be a lifetime needed to explore all the possibilities opening up now.

This is how it feels when a painting is going well. I also know the agony, and it is ‘agony’,  Peter Howson  speaks of when a painting is not going well. That’s why I’m wary of making it my only focus. For my husband’s sake as much as my own!! 🙂

Here is this morning’s work. I usually only work for an hour or two a day on a painting, after that I can’t see it freshly any more and usually over work it.

First sketching in of colour in oils

First sketching in of colour in oils

2 Responses to “Still life talking”

  1. What a gift you have to paint like that! Thank you for sharing, Sarah!

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