Painting more directly

February 13, 2013

Still life, slightly truer to colour then previously posted one

Still life, slightly truer to colour then previously posted one

I’d promised Kristina I’d post a new photo of the still life with colours closer to the original. The orange tones are less harsh in the painting than in the photo, and the contrasts a little less sudden.

Meanwhile, after spending hours on that one, I was kind of in between inspirations. In a book of Scottish art I ran across a painting that lit my lights by the colours used and the direct way of painting. When I was in Glasgow 2 years ago, I stumbled across an exhibition at the Hunterian Museum and Gallery, of the Scottish colourists featuring JD Ferguson and also showing works by Samuel Peploe and Ann Redpath..  I was breathless going from one painting to the other, they were so vivid and alive.

The painting I liked, ‘Tulips in the breeze’,by a contemporary Scottish painter named Shona Barr is below.

Shona Barrcopied from Bridgeman art.com

Shona Barr
copied from Bridgeman art

So using a recent photo of Rende’s, a large brush and a small canvas board (about 8″x 10″), I gave myself two ultimatums:

1 No going back and fixing things or blending too much

2 Complete the painting in one sitting.

I did ok- went back to fix an out of kilter oval, but basically stayed to the brief. I loved doing it and will be exploring this direct way of painting more.

Bottles Feb 2013

Bottles Feb 2013

3 Responses to “Painting more directly”

  1. Rich and True! I love Bottles!!!
    The intense scrutiny of the close-up.
    Well done, Sarah!

    • Sarah Zoutewelle Says:

      Thanks Annie. I don’t seem to get tired of this subject, so more bottles it will be for the time being!

  2. Like your still life! Keep working with that!

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