March 3, 2013

First phase

First phase

The first tulips are in the flower markets here in Holland, it is finally starting to feel like spring.

With this piece I wanted to paint more directly and get less distracted by detail. Above is the first stage, showing the purple acrylic underpainting.



This is the finished piece, I worked into is as little as possible, it was done in 3 sittings over 2 days. If you are viewing this on a laptop, there is a good chance the colours won’t come across as vividly. In real life, this painting has a good ‘glow factor’.

I don’t think this painting would have been quite as loose if I hadn’t done the oil pastel below a few days before.

Tulip and lily fantasy

Tulip and lily fantasy

And the one underneath paved the way for ‘Tulip and lily fantasy’.  A good example of just keeping working and following the work where it leads.

Glass and lemon fantasy, oil pastel

Glass and lemon fantasy, oil pastel

10 Responses to “Tulips!”

  1. The lovely variety of tulip leaf forms; they shout out: Celebration!
    I am enthralled with the process you speak of in describing your work.
    Yet I can feel some of the creative joy and satisfaction coming thru in your paintings. Thank you Sarah!

    • Sarah Zoutewelle Says:

      Annie, thank you for being such a nice audience for my work. Your comments really make a difference and sometimes keep me going.

    • Sarah Zoutewelle Says:

      thanks! I wasn’t happy with the bottom tulip and wiped it out this evening. Yikes. So will hope to restore it tomorrow. But thanks for the nice comment.

  2. Love the vibrancy of the Tulips painting; but I really like the unfinished piece, it gives the viewer a sense of anticipation of whats to come

  3. michael davidson Says:

    natures color is such a hinge point…thank you for letting me step into it ….wonderful

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