Wipe out! Taking risks in oil painting

March 4, 2013

I wasn’t happy with the dark tulip at the left bottom of the painting. I kept trying to ‘correct’ it and it wouldn’t gel.



My biggest objection, besides the fact that it took up so much space (due to lens distortion of the original photo), was that the painting style lacked the spontaneity of the other tulips.

So I took  deep breath and wiped it out, down to the purple acrylic underpainting.  Yikes.

Wipe out!

Wipe out!

I left it overnight so I could approach it freshly in the morning. I wanted to spend about 10-15 minutes at the most.

I’m happier with this result, it is more playful, less tied to being ‘correct’, and the brush strokes are fresh.

The new improved version

The new improved version

5 Responses to “Wipe out! Taking risks in oil painting”

  1. doronart Says:

    It is great I also like it. Now can feel Spring is in the air.. somewhere else though not here yet… But its coming.

    • Yes, the tulips really bring spring closer. This particular bunch is lasting ok, but you can tell they are forced ones, the colours are fading now, whereas the later spring ones stay vibrant for days. And then they do their tulip thing of opening really wide and drooping over the edge of the vase in great loopy swoops. Have to paint that stage one of these days. cheers, S

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