Pittsburgh spring

May 7, 2013

Pears in sunlight

Pears in sunlight

Pittsburgh, PA   May 7, 2013

I’ve arrived in the middle of a perfect Pittsburgh spring. The watercolor above captures the sense of it for me, sunny, homey, comfortable.
(It was made in the spirit of Richard Houston’s wonderful loose painting a day series. I’ve linked to his blog in previous posts if you want to see his work.)

There has been a long string of warm sunny days. All the cherry and apple blossom trees are in bloom and the neighborhoods here are abundantly endowed with them

What a gift to be able to walk on streets you’ve only been able to dream about- to see the familiar pavements and plants and hear the much loved bird song- especially of the cardinal. It is so sweet and melodious. The parks and Panther Hollow and Schenley lake- those amazing deep clefts with shale outcrops and tangled undergrowth that I know with a kind of visceral knowledge, like the scent of home or a loved one.

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Anyone who has given up or lost a landscape one has truly loved will probably recognize the unexpected feeling of being held, loved and received in turn by that same landscape.

I’ve been here for 2 weeks now, mostly just adjusting -in the beginning it felt like another planet. Now I am in the house I’ll be staying in for the next 3 weeks. After the social whirl of meeting old and new friends has died down a bit, I’ll get down to some serious exploring and museum visiting.

Here is where I am staying, in a great mixed bag of a neighborhood on the east side of the city.

Barbara's house

Barbara’s house

2 Responses to “Pittsburgh spring”

  1. Hey Sarah ~ Welcome to Pennsylvania!
    Love your photos and can sure relate to your sentiment!
    So happy that the weather is enjoyable for you!
    Spring in PA! Magic!

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