Paper houses

June 27, 2013

paper houses 1

paper houses          photo Rende Zoutewelle

I had the painting on the landing outside my studio, and when I cleaned up my drawing table, I put the little paper houses there temporarily for lack of a better place.

I kept passing this little composition enjoying how the painting and sculptures complemented each other, meaning to take a picture.

Evidently Rende had been thinking the same thing. I’m so glad he did it. His photo has all the poetry I’d imagined, and I doubt I would have been able to capture it as well as he has.

More about paper houses here.

5 Responses to “Paper houses”

  1. decorartuk Says:

    Hi, Sarah,

    I remember your paper houses – I liked them a while ago and I still like them now. The whole composition has turned into a pretty town, as your painting creates a perfect background. It’s as if you can see a street with other buildings.

    This scene reminded me of Luxembourg. Have you ever been there? It’s hard to explain, but the city is built on two levels, so if you look at the old town from the highest point the houses seem like toys! I’m planning to post some photos on DA blog, so you’ll see what I mean.


    P.S. Your painting – is it pastel? Love it! Somehow find myself drawn to pastels lately…

    • hey Kristina, nice to hear from you. Thanks, I did that painting a long time ago, never got quite into the same flow again to do more like it, and I really was pleased withit. It is acrylic on panel, using quite a lot of palette knife. You’re right it looks really pastel-ly. I’ll see about posting the painting alone, it always makes me think of Provence.

      I don’t know Luxembourg, but your description sounds intriguing.

  2. aurumeve Says:

    The photo is great and so are your mini houses 🙂 They are like little happy places 🙂 !
    AurumEve.com ~ Global Jewelry

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