Are You My Typeface?

July 5, 2013

The "Where's Helvetica?" poster

“Where’s Helvetica’ Poster by Jesse Austin Breneman                     source : Kickstarter site

A friend in my online artist’s group sent me this Kickstarter  link and I signed up as a donor right away. I just love this project and Jesse’s energy.  He is approaching this so professionally, and the idea, design and execution are just wonderful.

He’s close to his goal, whoops, I just checked, he is over it! Yippee, but it is such a cool project, I’d become a donor anyway and be assured of getting one of these great little books. Go Jesse!!

3 Responses to “Are You My Typeface?”

  1. What a great little idea, so simple yet really cool as you say. Well done to him for reaching the target. I think Kickstarter is one of the best funding sites going sadly I wasn’t eligible as I live outside the US.

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