Pear bowl

July 19, 2013

Sunlit pears in pear bowl

Sunlit pears in pear bowl-  oil on canvas board, 50 x 50cm

This is the latest in the Anne’s kitchen series. My friend had a wonderful big painted bowl (blue painted with pears and raspberries) filled with fruit, this time pears.

8 Responses to “Pear bowl”

  1. Betty Says:


    • Sarah Zoutewelle Says:

      Thank you Annie! Those pears in that setting made me happy just looking at them, painting them was fun too.

  2. Beautiful. You’ve captured the light magnificently. What a welcoming kitchen

    • Sarah Zoutewelle Says:

      Thanks, I love this comment because without having worded it that way myself, I guess that is what I was trying to capture, the light and the welcoming atmosphere.

  3. decorartuk Says:

    A very warm and extremely professional painting! The light and the welcoming atmosphere have been captured perfectly – I’d love to be in that sunlit kitchen right now (it’s very cloudy over here…).

    P.S. I think you’re constantly improving your skills. Your determination is working really well.

    • Sarah Zoutewelle Says:

      Thank you so much Kristina. Sorry you are having cloudy weather, we’ve had a period of tropical sunny days, enough to erase all the chilly cloudy rainy weeks and weeks that preceded it.

      I’m working on an ambitious painting now, large, and complicated- a decorated fruit bowl filled with fruits very close to one another in shape and colour, with the full background of a very busy Persian carpet. It looks pretty mediocre at this stage, but hopefully it will pull into shape. I am so grateful for the luxury of being able to devote my time to pursuing this. The more I work, the more the discipline becomes a ‘practice’ like meditation or Tai chi- done for its own sake and teaching the practitioner simply by one’s commitment to showing up for it.

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