Sketching horses in wet and dry media

August 10, 2013

mare and foal   summer 2013

mare and foal summer 2013

We are blessed this summer to have two mares and their foals living in the field bordering our back garden.

There is a horse breeder who keeps his prize stock in this area, other years we’ve had a whole herd one field further away.

But it is nothing like this summer, having them right outside our back door where we can watch and interact with them daily.

back field

horses in late spring 2012

Other years, Bernardo and Prelude have been in this field-  soul mates who hate to be separated, yet usually are every winter when their respective owners board them in different stables.

So I have had adequate opportunity to make endless sketches of various horses over the years. When I was small, horses were all I ever drew. As an adult I have had to learn the proportions all over again through continuous observation, as well as some anatomical study.

It is ongoing learning,  but I am happy with the freshness of the watercolour at the top of this post, which is a product of all the work that had gone before.

3 Responses to “Sketching horses in wet and dry media”

  1. decorartuk Says:

    You’re definitely very lucky to have horses living just outside your garden fence – they are beautiful and very clever animals. I guess one of my secret (not so secret) dreams would be to own a horse – a small one would do. We have very harsh winters, so it would have to be a tough long haired breed… and remembering Bernardo and Prelude and their friendship, it seems I’d have to have at least two! (sorry, but you got me thinking…)

    As for your drawings – I love the last one the most. It’s very professional. I think you should do them on separate sheets and get them framed (yes, I like them that much!). And your watercolour – very soft, gentle and emotional.

    Enjoy the rest of your summer, Sarah.


    • Sarah Zoutewelle Says:

      Kristina, thanks for your comments, it was fun to watch your fantasy take off when it came to getting your own horse(s). I always wanted a horse as a child, but now have the privilege of enjoying them without having to care for them.

      I actually rode Bernardo last year (for about 10 minutes) and did a little lunge-line training with him, but while it was fun, I realised it would take a commitment to do it well. And I choose my commitments carefully these days.

      Thanks for your compliments on the artwork. Yes, some might be worth framing, I’ll consider it.

      you, too, have a good August. cheersfulness, Sarah

  2. Sarah ~ Such endless talent…you always amaze me with your work!

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