New photo books!

November 1, 2013

photo  Rende zoutewelle

photo Rende Zoutewelle

Rende, my husband has designed 3 books of his photography and has had them reproduced. They are one-offs and they are gorgeous in themselves as well as being beautifully reproduced.

And here you can see LEAVES.

Here you can look through BOATS .


photo Rende Zoutewelle

photo Rende Zoutewelle

And here is the one on DOORS and WINDOWS  from his recent trip to France.

photo Rende Zoutewelle

photo Rende Zoutewelle

10 Responses to “New photo books!”

  1. These photos are absolutely stunning. I am in awe of the quality. You must be so proud of Rende. I particularly love the boats such a lot of inspiration there for some batik textures. I am compiling a photo book of my brother in law’s photos for a Christmas present. He takes zillions of photos mostly of Architecture and paintings but he captures some beautiful light. This has given me some idea of how to present the ones I’ve chosen. So thank you Rende.

    • Sarah Zoutewelle Says:

      thanks Sonia, I’m glad they inspired you. I’ll show this to him. I can imagine the application to batik. I get tempted to paint from some of his images, but find that he’s said most of what wants to be said in his photo, and there isn’t much left over except to copy it in oils. That doesn’t inspire me. But I do see that some of his composition and visual sensibility slips into my work at a subtle level. And vice versa.

  2. I so enjoyed looking at his photos. The dog and cat in the doors and windows series were comical. Also loved the boat with shark teeth. Very colorful; superb composition. Thank you!

    • Sarah Zoutewelle Says:

      Thanks Annie, I’m quite excited about these. It is nice when people respond to certain photo,s and to get them out and around more. I like the dog cat spread as well.

  3. Joline Frazier Says:

    I love seeing Rende’s images. We are friends on EPZ and it is always a pleasure to see his work. He is a very talented photographer and an inspiration to many. The books are gorgeous.

    • Sarah Zoutewelle Says:

      Thanks J. It is heartening to hear that Rende’s photography inspires others. He’s been doing photography all his life, but picked it up again in earnest when the digital cameras came out. It has been amazing to watch his art develop over time in this medium. Hopefully we’ll eventually be able to find a way to reproduce the books to make them more affordable.

  4. decorartuk Says:

    Extremely beautiful colours and subjects. I’m in love with your husbands boats! He definitely has an eye for ordinary, yet beautiful. K.

  5. I have just shared your husband’s work on Facebook – it is stunning work! I live by the sea here on the east coast of Northern Ireland and particularly like the boat photos. There is something beautiful about an old, weathered boat.

    The colours are fantastic in all his books. Lovely work! 🙂


    • thanks marion, exposure on Facebook appreciated, since neither of us are on it. I’m glad you recognised something of your own watery home in Rende’s boat photos, they are kind of universal, I feel.
      I’ll be posting a link to his newest book, Reflections, soon.

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