Following the colour wheel

January 20, 2014

Had a good morning working in luscious honeyed yellows, oranges, and vermilions.  The fruit is handled in the way I hope to eventually be able to paint everything, I ‘know’ it from within, and only have to enjoy following the colours and contours. My old teacher and mentor Abe Weiner told me that when painting apples, for instance, you can follow the contours with colours as they are arranged on the colour wheel. So your reds will be next to oranges, which will merge into yellows, and these will lead to the greens. It is a good guide for dealing with the myriad shades in apples and pears. Although, sometimes the greens will be right next to the reds, which makes for some visual excitement.

A little bit of the white edge of the bowl is sketched in, have to work into that more later.
I’ve been following Cezanne on this part only so far as he often uses very dark or black outlines to sharply define certain edges. I have been applying this to see how it feels to me. So far I like it but am not sure if this will be part of my own working method. Basically I’m only taking a few hints from the examples I have of his set up in the studio, I like, for example his lack of blending on certain areas. and I like the slightly raw quality that gives. But mostly I’m following my own instincts on this part because I’m more sure of myself, having recently had about 8 months straight of painting fruit! Not to mention numerous still lifes from my previous painting history.

Last week friends came over for dinner and just before leaving late that night, came up to the studio to see my recent oil paintings. They have been loyal followers and collectors of my art from several periods, and they hadn’t seen this recent development. Turned out, they couldn’t leave without ‘Pears in Sunlight’.

Pears in sunlight    Oil on canvas board

Pears in sunlight Oil on canvas board  SOLD

So that is my first oil painting sale from this recent period of work. It feels wonderful and vindicates my feeling that one can sell according to one’s own convictions, and circumvent the galleries and internet selling sites. The price made sense to both parties (without the 40-50% gallery mark-up). It was sold in the atmosphere of personal connection between friends, and a painting of mine will now continue its life as part of theirs.

9 Responses to “Following the colour wheel”

  1. doronart Says:

    Great paintings and well done on the friendly sale.

    • Sarah Zoutewelle Says:

      Thanks so much. I dropped by your site, hadn’t been there in awhile, the background watercolour of irises is amazing. And you are so prolific, the paintings just seem to pour out of you, and they are all wonderful to see.

  2. J M Naszady Says:

    I love these pears! I am obsessed with painting and drawing pears, but still working on my technique…

  3. J M Naszady Says:

    I have nominated you for a Liebster Blog Award. This is such a cool site!

    • Sarah Zoutewelle Says:

      You are very kind, I don’t accept the awards that require a lot of recommending of other blogs and question answering, but I am honored. thanks, Sarah

  4. Congrats on the sale of one of your works of art! I am so proud of you, Sarah!

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