Nature art

March 24, 2015

Starting at the end of January, we’ve had a continual oasis of blooming spring bulbs on the dining room table. As one pot reaches its peak and fades, we replace it with a fresh new one.

winter bulb garden and micro greens

winter bulb garden and micro greens

Rende got fascinated with the dried up mini daffodils (in background), and made some great photos of them awhile back.

I was idly sitting at the table a few nights ago and picked some of the dried out flowers and stems and started playing with them. The results are below. They eventually inspired a mobile, which I’ll post soon.


4 Responses to “Nature art”

  1. How cool! You created the universal symbol of gratitude in multiple ways.

  2. decorartuk Says:

    Gorgeous table! It’s so green in your house – looks like a lush winter’s garden. K.

    • Sarah Zoutewelle Says:

      It lifted my heart during the dark months of Jan and Feb to have this miniature forest of live green on the table. I keep buying new replacements because I like it so much. But now that everything’s greening up outside I think these will be my last ones. I have white narcissus and grape hyacinth there right now.

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