My art today

April 16, 2015

This morning I woke up with a number of things I could do. I could work on my book. There was also a painting in progress on my easel after a small dry spell. And there were several small tasks I could do concerning two community projects I’m working on. So, avoiding all these worthy tasks, of course I started to collect materials to make a holder for nesting material for the birds in our garden. Obvious, huh?

Why, when I have been longing to get into working with my paints, do I often try to avoid it all day? Maybe it is still because I separate it from my professional life, I can’t see it as ‘work’, so try to get other things done first. Maybe it is the feeling of how when I’m into the painting, it kind of grabs me by the neck and won’t let go; and whether it is going well or stuck, simply demands all of my attention.

Or more likely, I think I love this stage of painting most- when the sketch is there, no commitments have been made, and everything is still possible.

Who knows? At least the birds will be happy this spring. I hung it near the bird feeder and so far they have only been sussing it out at a distance.

Making it was really fun though, so was the procrastination, so much so that I didn’t do anything much all day.

A few tips about providing nesting materials can be found here.

Nesting materials holder

Nesting materials holder


2 Responses to “My art today”

  1. Hello Sarah! Love your daffodil mobile and your bird’s nest. Sounds like you are still mulling over your next creations. I find that if I’m not quite ready to launch myself, all sorts of other projects will seduce me away. I can usually accept this reasoning, except when I just HAVE to get a project done, in which case I have to bull my way through that ‘not quite ready’ phase.
    We will not make it to The Netherlands this June, alas. Two weeks in Britain will all be spent in the south, seeing old friends and teaching workshops. May the Force continue to be with you! – Virginia xox

    • Sarah Zoutewelle Says:

      Hi Virginia, lovely to hear from you. I watched teh trailer of your video on ho to paint the water and montain with mist and it was stunning. Thanks for dropping by in your virtual form. I’m sorry we will miss seeing you for real this time. Hopefully you’ll both come again or I’ll get over to stateside.

      Good insight about my procrastination. And when and when and when not to ‘bull one’s way’through that phase. Have a great time in the UK. I spent an interesting time near Lewes last year, walking in the South Downs. In February 😦 Love Sarah

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