Grandfather tree

April 27, 2016

opa tree

Grandfather trees    acrylic on canvas board

I’ve been working on the Spirit of Trees series. Though none of these are finished, I thought I’d show them in progress anyway. These guys above are massive trees, beeches, I think (?), growing on our neighbour’s patio. They have such presence.


colour samples      inspired by Alexey Kvaratskeheliya


Above are colour experiments inspired by the art of Alexey Kvaratskeheliya, see a previous post of mine for details. I’m inspired by the combinations and you can see I’ve been trying out some of them on the foreground of ‘Grandfather trees’.

I’ve worked further on ‘Before trees’, here below:

before trees3

And the third one in progress is this little one:

pastel trees

Pastel trees


3 Responses to “Grandfather tree”

  1. These are really beautiful – don’t do too much more with them (says he who always continues on too long and risks deadening his paintings 😦 )

  2. thanks Eoin. Much appreciated. I’ll take your advice and won’t do much more. And I know what you mean about continuing too long and losing the freshness. It is when my mind kicks in and starts trying to ‘correct’ things that the painting loses its vitality. Or when ideas start to impose themselves on the first gut feelings of getting the paint down.
    A tricky balance to achieve, every time.

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