Back to work

October 1, 2016

It has been a challenging summer dealing with various health issues. But now I have energy again to share some of my life with anyone interested.

Making artwork has never really stopped. Some weeks after the op, I was already painting a copy of a  Matisse stillife. Spring inspired me to paint trees, then I got sick in June and things ground to a halt for awhile. Around that time I started sewing a quilt by hand, having bought 2 packs of beautiful Tilda cotton squares on sale. I liked the slow pace and the kind of mindless precise work.

Fall brought new inspiration. My last post had been in June and, with the onion paintings, I had broken through to a new way of working, .


Onions2 acrylic

It was kind of intimidating to try and pick that up again, I’d tried and failed a few times. So I decided to ease into painting again by doing something familiar. I feel most comfortable working in defined areas, like patchwork really. My oil pastel drawings tend to begin as grids, so I chose a few of my favourites and began copying them in acrylics.

It is so true that just working, regardless of being inspired or not, most always opens up the next step.

Even though I stopped again after completing these 2 below, doing them launched me into a new phase in my painting. More about that in the next post. Meanwhile…

When stuck in one medium it is often helpful to go to another. I decided to make collages out of some old oil pastel drawings. I did one a day for a week, here they are:

take care, til next time.


11 Responses to “Back to work”

  1. FR Says:

    Wow, great to see all the new work, as always with your wonderful display of colour. Perhaps the break from painting was no harm so. I’m looking forward to hearing all about it in your next post, eoin

  2. Michael Says:

    Glad your back ; the summer especially Aug Sept were very challenging for many people I especially if you attune to Zodiacal energy and how it corresponds sometimes to everyday life (Saturn task master) Venus ( relationships) Uranus ( expect the unexpected ) and Jupiter ( expansion ) Mars ( war/ sometimes within self) all at odds with one another plus weeks of Mercury ( communication) in retro or reverse whew ! I love your writing and the biodynamics and alchemy of how an artist perceives the core energetic of form ; and through their passion ( key word) and skill bring beauty into being ,
    Beauty is what transcends the hardest of hearts ; Beauty is the only antidote to chaos and violence …..with deep appreciation /Michael

    • Thank you for your kind words, yes I definitely noticed Mercury in retrograde.
      I also appreciated your appreciation for my writing, and your clear understanding of artists perceptions.
      Totally agree that beauty is an antidote to chaos and violence.

  3. Deb Edwards Says:

    Truly stunning colors in contrast! Stay in the buggy of healing and bring forth more!

    Deb Edwards

  4. Kay Says:

    Good to hear and see your thoughts Sarah. Enjoy learning about your different processes. Mindful slow stitching is one of my favourite things – soothing and energising too. Love the onions… dancing tears??

    • Ha, ‘dancing tears’, beautiful. Thanks Kay.
      Spent some time at your site and liked it. I read one or two entries on dementia including the cradle to grave installation. I agree with you. (I couldn’t find the images for the art done in response to Japanese tragedies. Maybe my computer didn’t load them.) Cheers, Sarah

  5. I like your joyful paintings, a good way to recover, isn’t it ! Take care.

  6. These collages are so fanciful and fun. What a great idea! Here’s to art, healing, and creativity. Warmly, Deborah

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