Canals and edible gardens

January 14, 2017




These two images were a departure of sorts for me, they are based on some photos I took  in high summer last year. I don’t get inspired much by the idea of painting landscapes, it feels too limiting. But these two small format pieces on panel were done with a large brush to keep from getting caught up in details, and I like their freshness.

Every day I walk through these wide open Dutch skies and fields. There is a lot of water where we live, giving movement and direction to the flat, spread out landscape. I am constantly moved by the land here, how the light hits trees and fields, the changing colours throughout the day. It would be a natural painting subject if it weren’t milked ad infinitum by good and bad local painters. I have rarely found an ‘in’ to painting my surroundings because I like to use lots of colours and I need room for fantasy as well as reality.

Here is another realistic one from the same series:




This piece, done more recently, is more in line with what comes naturally to me. I love how the landscape elements creep into the still lifes, or is it the other way around? It is also large, 50 x 50 cm.

This one below was more successful to my eye, I knew more about where I wanted to go with it.


Pears and bottles   acrylic on canvas board

I love the small boat in the upper left corner, floating on a sewn sea with little red stitches. These pieces definitely have their own rhythm and structure if I step aside and follow where they want to go.

The latest in the series:


Honey garden      acrylic on canvas board


There were lots of surprises here, it is quite large, 50 x 70 cm. The little boat has returned to a more prominent place. The beet is kind of archetypal and the spirals please me.(There are elements reminiscent of some of Bob Knox’s work. A fellow artist from Findhorn who taught me by example, just how fun art could be. If you google him you’ll probably come up with a lot of his beautiful New Yorker covers.)

Leading on from here, ‘Garden’ is my new theme, I think. I’m totally inspired by our community edible garden and the work of Fritz Haeg.



4 Responses to “Canals and edible gardens”

  1. Jani Says:

    I have been watching your paintings evolve. The canal and Leeds Road paintings drew me in. I am however, having a hard time sending you a private email. Let me know if you have a new email address! 😉

  2. I am enthralled by the simple beauty of the scenes from your daily walks. Oh, but that last painting……I crawled into it, up and around that glorious beet, across the fields, past the houses, nestling into the little red boat for a dream nap. The spirals reminded me of the universal symbol of gratitude. I am in love with this painting. What an extraordinary gift you have, Sarah. Thank you so much for sharing it with this winter weary woman. It makes me smile.

  3. Annie, you couldn’t have left me a better message at a better time. I’ve had a dose of winter blues and a nagging cold. I love that you were able to actually enter the picture, that is the closest someone has come in a long time to experiencing the image as I did when making it. It was so much fun and thank you for taking little red boat out on a maiden voyage, even though it was for a nap, she drifted through the landscape. I wonder where you all went and how it looked! (next painting?)
    I didn’t know that the spiral was a symbol for gratitude. I needed that reminder too. hugs, Sarah

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