Little surprises

September 15, 2017

pastel plums copy

Pastel plums,      acrylic on canvas board

Harvest. By the road, in our group garden, on the paths, it is clear that  summer is over and what was sown can be brought in. I’ve always loved the colours of plums, bright jewels full of stored sunlight. I left quite a bit of the background painting in and didn’t over work this one.

bright plums copy

Bright plums     acrylic on canvas board

The second painting was done over one of my abstracts, and the quality of those glowing colours was kept throughout. Once again, the aim here wasn’t quite ‘realistic’. I like how the abstract and the subject interact.

The next one below represents a breakthrough of sorts. I bought a new brush, a Liquitex Bright acrylic brush.Wonderfully springy and it holds paint like a sponge. I found a rhythm to my painting with this brush, it was like dancing. Once again I stopped before I got too tight with it, and I really like the grittiness of it. It is quite large, 50 x 60 cm.

tomato plant 1 copy

Tomato plant 1   acrylic on canvas board

I thought I’d include one more in progress. I was curious to see how a second painting of the tomato plant would be if painted over a purposely brightly coloured background. It is still in progress, but I wanted to post this stage so you can see how it is set up. I intend to cover most of the bright colours, but still, they shine through in places giving depth and little surprises. I love little surprises.

tomato plant 2 copy

Tomato plant 2 in progress   acrylic on canvas

8 Responses to “Little surprises”

  1. C-Marie Says:

    Very much like the last two, would appreciate a bit more contrast in the pastel one. But lovely and very imaginative!! Thank you! God bless, C-Marie

  2. C-Marie Says:

    P.S. I bought your book Chocolate Rain on amazon.ca for our daughter who lives Alberta. She has a strong interest in starting to do volunteer work with the elderly who have cognitive difficulties and I thought your book might well be of interest to her. She says it is wonderful!! God bless, C-Marie

  3. Wow Sarah! I must say- Beautiful !

  4. Binka Popov Says:

    So beautiful, Sarah!

  5. Liz Powley Says:

    I love the colours in the plums! Vibrant and energetic, wonderfully done 😀

    Your tomato plants are broadcasting summer and that lovely smell of their leaves in the evening when they are watered. You can see how your brush he’s skipped happily across the painting. Lovely work.

    Best wishes,

  6. thanks Liz. I could paint plums forever.

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