Bigger and bolder

November 8, 2017

bold tomatoes

Tomato plant bold     acrylic  50 x 60cm

The painting above was done in a rare mood of utter confidence. I knew where I wanted to go, sort of, and how to get there more or less. The background was a strong but rejected abstract which you can still see almost all of. I worked in big strokes, didn’t go back to fiddle (thank you dearest Robert Genn, r.i.p.) , and left the white lines (mostly) as accents against the dark background. This painting has gotten more appreciation from people who visit my atelier than any other work in a long time. Several are interested in buying.

Anyway, after the previous tomato plant series, and especially the one above, I found myself wanting  more space to ‘spread out’, so I ordered several 80 x 100cm canvasses.  Below you can see the proportions of the size I usually work in when I work big, 50 x 70cm.  The grey area is the extra space I get when I want to work really BIG!.
So I put this  (for me) gigantic blank canvas on the easel and………. Freaked Out!!! painting proportions

At first I tried an underpainting with a large brush and big swaths of colour, but it was way out of  control. So I did the normal thing (for me) and divided it all up into manageable little squares and rectangles (oh great, I finally get a big canvas and what do I do, start working small again!), and filled them in until I got a feel for the whole space. Once I got into it, it was lovely to work large, moving my arms in arcs instead of just a dab here and there with fingers and wrists.

Here is the finished work.

100x80 tomplant

Tomato plant,          acrylic on canvas    80 x 100cm

There is a lot going on in the composition, but it all came together pretty well. It did take a long time, though and used a lot of paint. But it was a good experience and I want to do more like it. For now, the inspiration has wound down some, and I’ve moved on to other things for awhile until I gather enough courage and inspiration to confront another big guy!

12 Responses to “Bigger and bolder”

  1. C-Marie Says:

    Dear Sarah, This painting is absolutely gorgeous!!! It is almost like showing the beauty of life that God puts into His creation!! God bless, C-Marie

  2. well the trauma (!) of the big canvas was certainly worth it. Great pic!

  3. Binka Popov Says:

    Wonderfully beautiful, Sarah – thank you!

  4. Liz Powley Says:

    Gorgeous work! And congrats for taking that step and climbing out of your comfort zone. I find I don’t suffer the blank canvas issue, but get stuck halfway through the painting and get overwhelmed by how much has to be done.

    This has so much lovely colour work in it. You should be proud 😀

    Best wishes,

  5. Your first painting is mesmerizing. Truly inspired. I greatly admire your gift.

    • thanks Annie. I agree that most artists are given a gift, but to truly blossom, it needs to be used and developed. And ideally passed on. So far here is the only place my work gets shown, but hopefully I’ll find a venue outside the established art world which makes sense, financially as well.

  6. Wow Sarah! These are gorgeous.I love the white outlines. Nice mention of Robert Genn. I’m sure your inspiration is just in a brief incubation stage awaiting another rebirth. ;^)

  7. Thanks Kevin! Much appreciated.

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