Paper houses

June 27, 2013

paper houses 1

paper houses          photo Rende Zoutewelle

I had the painting on the landing outside my studio, and when I cleaned up my drawing table, I put the little paper houses there temporarily for lack of a better place.

I kept passing this little composition enjoying how the painting and sculptures complemented each other, meaning to take a picture.

Evidently Rende had been thinking the same thing. I’m so glad he did it. His photo has all the poetry I’d imagined, and I doubt I would have been able to capture it as well as he has.

More about paper houses here.


Cool digital magazine

June 13, 2013

Go see my friend Kristina’s new magazine. It is so colourful, fun and summery. Great job.

You can download it and look at it at your leisure.  I found it really relaxing and upbeat.

thanks K and friends.

love ,Sarah

Rende and the lens baby

January 31, 2013

Rende takes his camera for a walk on a grey day here in our little village in northern Holland. He stays with a few routes and stops at places I pass by with the dog daily and see but don’t really see. And he comes home with the loot.

There is a dry dock on the other side of the canal which pulls him like a magnet with all the boats up on supports, stranded out of the water, their encrusted bottoms revealed. There is rust and peeling paint, layers of boat life which he manages to transform into paintings.

The lens baby is a lens that gives you one ‘sweet point’- a point of focus while everything else becomes blurred. One usually sees it used in a  clichéed way, like one rose in focus and the leaves out of focus. But Rende seems to easily bypass that and create a new context for focus and out of focus areas.

As an artist I am continually inspired with what he brings home every day. I love the backgrounds in these, they make me want to paint large areas of blurred and rhythmic colour.

The photos are not just used straight from the camera, he spends lots of time carefully tweaking the Raw versions in Photo shop, mostly to just bring out certain details or rebalance contrasts or colour relationships.

I have to share them here because I get to see these little miracles almost every day. He is so humble he doesn’t push his work, but I feel like it is a real gift to see these creations and get to see the world through his eyes.



Rende (my husband) has been making some beautiful photos lately. This latest one is of a favourite house plant of mine, ‘Ceropegia woodi’. The flower you see is in reality only about 1/2″/12mm long.

For Rende’s portfolio go to his site on ephotozine .