100 Ideas for a Creative Approach to Activities in Dementia Care was re-published in October 2020 by Kaminn Media. (It was previously published under the title Chocolate Rain by Hawker Publications in 2011).

It was previewed and launched at the 5th UK Dementia Congress in Bournemouth very successfully. I also gave a presentation on creativity and communication with people with dementia.

Here is one of the early reviews:

I feel this book should be essential reading for all those involved in dementia care. This is not only because Sarah inspires so much confidence in the reader to try new ideas, but also because she positively encourages a creative approach to communication and activity design.

The book is well thought out and well planned with delightful illlustrations, and full of practical ideas which will meet the needs of people in various stages of dementia.

A long-awaited book – definitely to be recommended.

Barbara Hughes, Activities Organiser, Chalfont Lodge, Buckinghamshire (Barchester Healthcare).

For more details about the book see previous post 1,  and for a look inside 2.

paperback, 190 pages, fully illustrated
isbn 978-1-912698-96-7 (paperback)
isbn 978-1-912698-97-4 (ebook)

Click here for more information about this title from publisher Kaminn Media.

9 Responses to “ABOUT MY BOOK, ‘100 Ideas for a Creative Approach to Activities in Dementia Care’”

  1. Alexis Price Says:

    I am very interested in buying your book Chocolate Rain. I looked on Amazon but it is sold out, how do I get a copy? Thanks, Alexis

    • szoutewelle Says:

      Thanks for your interest in my book. The ‘sold out’ notice on Amazon is incorrect, it is because of problems with the publisher’s listing and is being worked on.
      In the meantime you can go to my book on Amazon and click on ‘4 new’. The first listing, ‘book depository’ is good, we’ve had good experience with them. And if you are in Europe or the UK, you can also order from Hawker Publications, the publisher of the book. Just scroll down on that page to find their order info.

  2. masqua Says:

    Art therapy is a boon for a great many disabilities. Have you ever heard of Irene Dewdney? She was a London, Ontario (Canadian) pioneer in the therapeutic advantages of creative processes.

    • Thanks for your comment. I haven’t heard of Irene Dewdney, thanks for the info. I agree with yo about art therapy. The kind of work I did was different, though. It started from the assumption of the person’s wholeness and ability to participate in their own healing by creating something. So there was no diagnosis, treatment or ‘helping’ involved. This is a new direction and a budding new profession which is only now beginning to be acknowledged by the education and healthcare systems.

  3. […] artist for 15 years doing creative projects in hospitals. From that experience I wrote a book, Chocolate Rain, on a creative approach to activities in dementia care, which is now published in several […]

  4. Karen B Says:

    I have absolutely loved your book Chocolate Rain which I read in just a few hours. It really opened up possibilities to help me to communicate with my Mum who is in the later stages of dementia in a local care home. I thought I would feel relieved when she was safely installed in a permanent residential place, but the relief was short lived when I saw how many of the residents are left alone after their personal care needs have been met. Your book has helped me to see what can still be done for Mum, and what I can do myself to meet her on her level, encourage her and affect her life in a positive way. I feel inspired, thank you Sarah.

    • Karen, thank you for your kind words, they made my day. It is good to know that something I’ve put out into the world is helping others in some way. Just by the tone of your words, I know you will be able to reach your mom in some significant way. She is lucky to have a daughter who is open to seeing the potentials instead of just the limitations and loss.
      Another resource for you might be Deborah Shouse’s site and books. She interviewed me for her new book, CONNECTING IN THE LAND OF DEMENTIA: CREATIVE ACTIVITIES TO EXPLORE TOGETHER, and she and I are very much on the same wavelength. thank you.

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