Whenever I read a story of a successful person who has realized their dreams, it rarely starts out with,

‘Well, I decided what to do, ran a market research, thought up a name and launched a successful business’. 

Instead it almost always starts out modestly:

‘I liked baking cookies and my friends all asked for some, eventually they were asking me to provide party cakes, and my bakery grew from there’.


‘I always liked to make gifts for people, and it just kept expanding until companies were asking me to make creative
business gifts’.

 While thinking about what I’d like to do with my shop, branding at this stage seems premature and I question the prevailing commercial practice of having to decide on a name, packaging and a style at this early stage.

The best most enduring things take time- time to emerge, to ripen, to take form.  This project will find its identity through a combination of: my intents; the people who visit it, the people I collaborate with, its growth through time, the surroundings, and other outside influences. So why would I want to pin it’s soul down before it is even born?

Heck, ANYONE can think up a name and present a product with a professional looking package. Even the most el cheapo products can be presented convincingly because the technology is open to everybody.  Read the rest of this entry »