‘Gifting’ has several different meanings these days, the way I’m using it is simply the making and giving of gifts. People have been especially appreciating my packages lately, calling them, ‘a typical Sarah’ gift. I receive so much pleasure in making and presenting them that I thought I’d spread the wealth.

The last gifts I made were small thank yous for the volunteers who aided our traffic action group, Line 30. They helped make the children’s day we organized a huge success. Rende had taken beautiful photos of all the activities and I organized them into a tiny book in InDesign. I printed them and cut them out, then Karin and Els came over to help fold and glue. I can show the process sometime, for now I want to focus on how a simple strip of paper with photos was made into a lovely object to give and receive.

My main tip on making even simple gifts special is to have lots of decorative material at hand. Start collecting stickers, washi tapes, papers, gift tags. I’ll list my sources below. I notice that having all these things within hand’s reach in a plastic basket makes it easy to wrap just about anything in no time at all. Here is a collection of some of the things I always have in my studio.


So basically, you can put your little gift into a transparent or translucent envelope, letter the tag,  seal the envelope and attach the tag with a piece of washi tape. I use the stickers for address labels when posting gifts, or occasionally to decorate the envelopes or an enclosed card.

Gift tags  This Etsy shop sells a huge selection of tags at reasonable prices

Glitter stickers   Papaya art is a scrumptious site to browse, I love their stuff.

Washi tape- I buy locally, most craft and hobby stores have it.

Waxed envelopes- office supply shops stock them in different sizes

A future post, Gifting strangers- Spontaneous gift giving on the street, in buses, and public toilets!

Anchor piece for B

November 22, 2008


B asked me what it was that made ‘Water, fire, love’ the anchor piece for the new series. 

One answer is the way that the design, color and totality work in this piece.  I also love its power, it achieves another level the others reach for but don’t quite get to.  It is an entryway to something new. This doesn’t negate its predecessors, that level is also valid. I love all those previous pieces, but for me they led up to  this one. And the ones that came after refer back to it.

If, out of a series of 18 pieces, one soars, that will be the one closest to the artist’s heart.  You already get a taste of it when you are working, you enter ‘flow’ where your own intentions are still present but they get taken over by a larger wave of creative energy. You know exactly what to do with out questioning it and the piece births itself somehow.

When you stand back after it is done, the feeling is one of surprise, gratitude and grace. I see in front of me something I never could have planned for. I never knew I had it in me and I don’t know where it came from but I recognize it down to the depths of my soul.

And once, once in a very long while, someone else recognizes it at the same level. This is the greatest gift an artist can receive, in my experience.

So B, thanks for everything, but thanks most of all for that.