New direction

October 29, 2008


First piece    (top)                                                           Birthday Party


One evening I sat down with my oil pastels and played for awhile. I’d not touched them for several months because even though I felt a sea change was needed, I couldn’t seem to break out of my old ways of working.

I didn’t like the final piece at all, and partly in frustration, and also just to see what would happen, I ripped it methodically into a number of large strips.  They were wonderful little miniature paintings and I started to collage them on the same color paper I’d used for the original. 

The next night I did the same, but this time I worked on a drawing knowing it would be ripped into pieces.  This was tremendously freeing for me because I didn’t have to think out a composition, I could just let loose with the colors. 

This way of working led to a series of 16(so far) oil pastel collages, 25 x 25 cm (about 8 1/2 x 8 1/2 inches)I like how the collages evolved from pure abstract to containing some recognizable things. The appearance of creatures, birthday cakes, houses and more were surprises and delighted me. I have rarely had such a good  time creating work.

Well into the series I started to go back and weed out some old work and use it for the collages. I’ll add more images here later, including some closeups.