megabubbles in evening light

megabubbles in evening light

Photo Rende Zoutewelle

This is me playing. It could turn into my new art form – it requires only soap, water, air and light. One has no control over the colours or forms, and it is extremely ephemeral.

You can’t interpret it, you can’t put a price tag on it, you can’t sell it, and you can’t market anything but the equipment used to make it, (which I happily leave to others), or I suppose you could charge for being a performing bubble artist.

As I practice it more, I’m discovering that it really is a skill. You have to be aware of the humidity, and be alert to every nuance of breeze and wind.You can regulate the forms somewhat by opening and closing the loop at different intervals, and can do virtuoso bubble blowing by trying to blow one bubble inside another. When I do it on the street, it makes most motorists slow down and smile – equally important on our road where people constantly abuse the 30km speed limit.

I’ve also been up to some yarn bombing. It was a good way to give some love to a dead tree at the end of our front garden, and once more, bring a smile to the faces of passers by going slowly enough to see it. The first crocheted mandalas started to curl,

how things looked in May

how things looked in May

so I took them all down and treated them with a fabric stiffener (Modgepodge), and now they hold their shape. I’ve sewn the felt leaves by hand, and our neighbour children helped me place some of them.

In order to try to slow down some of the traffic coming through our village, the province placed some  cement obstacles up and down the road. One is so close to our garden, I decided to extend our garden onto it and make it an edible green spot. Unfortunately, despite careful care and watering, the plants (nasturtium, strawberry, lettuce, violas) pined away there, they didn’t like the traffic, the direct sun, the fumes? Who knows? So now I’ve got some hardy geraniums on there to see how they do.


Painting has ground to a halt for now. I’m writing, though,  not sure if there will be an end product.But with luck it could consolidate into a book on many of the themes touched on here and on tendingtime, my other wordpress blog.



Water, fire, love

October 29, 2008

Continuing on with recent work, here are some more from the series (see more in ‘Gallery of Current work’ under the ‘Pages’ heading to the right).

The far left one I just made for a friend, it is only 3 by 3 inches.

I like the one in the middle best. When I look at it I get that gut feeling of connection and rightness that comes with one’s best work.  In person it is strong with the dark turquoise shades, and the little metallic gold lightning flames just glow.

I guess one of the things that is most satisfying with breakthroughs like this, is that I can recognize elements of some of the art which has really moved me in the past recurring in this work. Like the period when I was immersed in Krabbé’s oil paintings. I hit a dead end trying to imitate them, but after having let it go, I see elements of what I liked most surfacing in this work.  For instance, some of the forms, but most of all the feeling of lightness and play.

Once again I have experienced:  in art, if you want to do something, you need to approach it sideways, never head on. At least that is how it works for me.  Things need to be left alone to ferment and ripen in their own time, and then, when you least expect it, it snaps into place entirely surprising you, yet entirely your own.