Reflections in oils

April 8, 2014




And now for something completely different.

This painting is done from a photo of Rende’s. Normally I avoid working from his beautiful photos, since he has already made all the aesthetic decisions, there doesn’t seem to be any challenge in just copying them.  But I needed a break from fruit (!) and the rippling water with reflections and that lovely red edge of the boat fascinated me.

I used oils but first painted an acrylic ground of that heightened turquoise which shines through most of the painting. My broad, synthetic brushes worked really well getting the large areas of water down, and frankly, this went quickly and more easily than my still lifes. I left a lot of it just as I first sketched it in, and am happy not to have overworked this one.

For more of Rende’s reflection photos, see this book.


New photo book: Reflections

December 8, 2013

photo by Rende Zoutewelle

photo by Rende Zoutewelle

Rende has a new photo book, a real beauty.  You can see it here: REFLECTIONS

This is the fourth in a series, the other 3 you can view here.