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My husband, a fine wood worker, picked up his old hobby- photography, several years ago. Since then I’ve been watching his work developing (no pun intended) and deepening and want to share some of his images here.

Rende usually takes photos on his walks in our immediate neighborhood- along the canals, past the boat dock, through woods and fields.  His eye seems to find the most beautiful details hidden in everyday things. He brings back shots of what at first seem like rather drab looking rusty sides of barges and works with them on the computer until they glow. As far as I’m concerned, he is a painter with the camera.

He doesn’t have a site, though his work can be viewed on his photo sharing site.

Or see this post for Rende’s 3 new photo books.

4 Responses to “Photography by Rende – a painter with the camera”

  1. decorartuk Says:

    These are very pretty. The colours are absolutely stunning. It seems that the eye of the artist knows what is beautiful or, in other words, interesting – Art is something that catches our attention and evokes emotions, right?

    • szoutewelle Says:

      Thanks. Yes, the eye of the artist knows what is interesting. I know the barge where these photos were taken and I saw brown,slightly orangey rust. Rende saw that same rust and saw the rainbow of possiblities available to be mined from the image. So the artist brings something extra to what he sees through his own particular way of perceiving.

      ‘Art is something that catches our attention and evokes emotions’. Hmmm. So are TV ads. There needs to be more, I feel.

  2. Laura Bloomsbury Says:

    these abstractions are truly wonderful – your mutual talents must rub off on each other

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